RAC 2016 NAPLES/TRIESTE – Call for Papers (en)


Italian version
PhD and Master students of the Rodopis cultural association, with the support of the Department of Humanities (StudiUmanistici) of the University of Naples “Federico II” and the Department of Humanities (StudiUmanistici) of the University of Trieste, announce a series of seven seminars to take place between the 11th February and the 30thMarch 2016 at the University of Naples “Federico II” and the University of Trieste.
We aim to support discussion and meeting among students of different provenance, interests and age: papers will therefore deal with ancient history, philology, archaeology, numismatics, papyrology, epigraphy, art history, history of religion, anthropology, sociology, Byzantine studies, history of the near and middle East (in antiquity and in late-antiquity). Papers may be presented in Italian or English.
The seminars will be held in Naples at the Department of Humanities (StudiUmanistici) and in Trieste at the Department of Humanities (StudiUmanistici)on a weekly basis (on Wednesday/Thursday afternoons). Every meeting will feature two presentations of 30 minutes each, followed by discussion.
Graduate, PhD and Master students are invited to submit a 200-250 words abstract.
Abstracts must be sent in an anonymous .pdf file (i.e. the file must not contain the name of the author) no later than 6th December 2015 to ricercheaconfronto@gmail.com (email subject: RAC 2016 Abstract; the pdf file name must consist of the first three words of the title).
A commission chosen among the association members will select the successful papers. Authors of the chosen abstracts will be contacted by 20th December 2015.
Travel and accommodation expenses will not be covered, but all necessary information and logistic support will be provided.
Rodopis will also release an informal certificate of attendance, if needed, at the end of the seminar.


Maria Consiglia Alvino
Anna Busetto
Lorenzo De Vecchi

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